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Weird, Sexy and Pretty Creepy: An Interview With Italian Photographer Delia Simonetti

Monday 27 July 2015

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Delia Simonetti is a fashion photographer and videographer from Italy. Her individual approach provides a fun-fresh portraiture of youth.


Tell me about your experiences with the Art + Photography scene in Milan?

In the last few years Milan became a very inspiring, fresh and active center for everyone who works in art and fashion. There are a lot of magazine launch parties and exhibition openings.


How often do you draw inspiration from books or films?
I’ve always been inspired by books, films and, more then everything, music. I’m a Paul Auster, Dario Argento and Fiona Apple fan, and I think their work has always influenced me since I was a teenager. I’m also in love with Sven Nykvist (the cinematographer better known for his work with Ingmar Bergman) his autobiography “Reverence for the light” is a masterpiece. I’m also a female director, so I watch a lot of movies and music and fashion videos directed by women, I like a lot the aesthetic and plots of directors like Andrea Arnold, Céline Sciamma and the Coulin sisters.


“At the moment I love” – 
Books: “Treatise on Sensations” (1754) by the philosopher Étienne Bonnot de Condillac
Movies: “The Tribe” (2014) Myroslav Slaboshpytskiyc
Music: “St. Vincent” (2014) by St. Vincent, “Racine Carrée” (2013) by Stromae and “The Electric Lady” (2013) by Janelle Monàe
Italian culture our readers should follow – 
Movies: “Hungry Hears” (2014) by Saverio Costanzo
Books: “I pesci non chiudono gli occhi” (2011) by Erri De Luca
Music: Bugo, every song!


How would you describe your style?
Weird, sexy, pretty creepy and funny. Ironic.


What’s the best thing about being a photographer?
Not being a producer or a stylist, I guess, these are jobs I absolutely love and respect ‘cause I could never decide to send call sheets or to iron everyday! I’m so impressed.


What can we see from you in 2015?
A lot of new music and fashion films, new fashion editorials, also in London, cause I’ll be also London-Milan based since October, and I’m working to a portrait project and to a short movie, that for now are secret, shh.