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My Secret Disco

Wednesday 28 July 2010
Words Spindle

My Secret Disco. Well, it’s a simple concept; find a secret location in the colourful heart of Brighton, tag it around the town and wait for word of mouth and internet searches to lead to a day of magical summer fun. Many parties are held in Brighton as different groups of individuals quest to display and materialise their ideas of fun loving times. One might say it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, ‘putting yourself out there’. And we all know that as humans, judge we shall. Let’s see what this lot will offer…

For now, this Secret Disco is situated in the courtyard of the King & Queen under sizzling golden rays. Doors into the notion of a far away land opened at 2pm and welcomed creatures of the night until 11pm, where then a pied piper (no word of a lie) would lead for them to follow, follow towards the classic after party. It wouldn’t really be a proper Brighton bash if it didn’t include fancy dress or some sort of artistic individual expression, therefore, theme there was; the magical mystical. The beauty of this was that the outcome became a cross between Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a Venetian carnival. A medieval castle pub as a location? Appropriate I do believe. Gold and silver streamers adorned stone walls, smoke bombs intoxicated with puffs of pink clouds, and most importantly, people danced, conversed, laughed and played. Spontaneous congas were formed, and it was exquisite to see all woodland creatures, medieval fairies and Venetian wizards line as one.

Disco tunes were supplied by international DJ Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath) headlining. The Cosmonauts warmed up the beauties and together they took the shindig to galaxies a far; we were tripping on disco, immersed deep in early house. Melodies intertwined to send us off to space and believe me; some were already floating around, feet far from earth.  All in conjunction, you were where you wanted to be and nowhere else. This place has no name, no tangible frame, it simply is all for the fun, and fun for all.

As I mingled with these mystical beings it became quite apparent that they were not from the Brighton woods but from London hoods. I could observe that with inhibitions disguised and away from prying London eyes, these parties offered Londoners a scene, an alternate arrangement close enough for a celebration and far enough for a release. There is no other reason to be there than to indulge in vivacious dancing whilst enjoying the abuse of glitter and other marvellous accessories; perhaps some vibrant wings, a delicate mask or a sparkling wand…interesting times that bring together students, artists, musicians and actors. A theatrical evening composed by the individuals who were supplied with a setting and vibrant DJ’s. Organisers Ru and Roxy must have been joyful, and those who attended exhilarated with the fine vibes that were predominant throughout this midsummer festivity. For future reference, early bird tickets were £8 and only a limited amount were available at the door for a tenner.

Irune Chamberlain-Ortega