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Tuesday 09 November 2010

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The 8th Brighton Film festival, Cine-City is nearly here bringing a range of highly anticipated feature films and broad selection of rarities and unique films from around the world that you may not get to see anywhere else. Most screenings will be at Brighton’s world famous beautiful 100 year old Duke of York’s Picture House, but there will also be screenings in various places and venues throughout the city.

Highlights will include special screenings of:

THE KING’S SPEECH – Colin Firth stars as King George VI in this remarkable true story of a man attempting to overcome his stutter and bravely lead a country into the First World War. Focusing on the bond between the King, his wife (Helena Bonham Carter) and his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush), The King’s Speech is a powerful period drama with an incredibly intelligent and witty script, and stand out performances. Was winner of the audience awards at the recent Toronto Film Festival.

THE AMERICAN – A stylish and slick thriller about an assassin starring George Clooney and directed by Anton Corbijn (the remarkable Ian Curtis bio-pic Control). The film follows a lone hitman (Clooney) in Italy. The American promises to be an intelligent artistic response to generic Hollywood thrillers.

RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE – A weird and bizarre concept. A Finnish black comedy on the premise that a group of scientist discover Santa Clause frozen in the wilderness near the north pole and release him. On doing so, live stock get slaughtered, local children go missing and more weird shit goes down! A unique blend of humor and horror with an ‘x-mass’ flavor.

NEVER LET ME GO – Featuring the cream of the crop of young young(ish) acting talent, Keira Knightly, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Never Let Me Go is based on the best selling novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. It tells the story of three friends growing u in what seems like an idyllic boarding school in the English countryside. But as the characters grow up, their beautiful surroundings reveal a dark inner truth, about where they are and themselves.

HOWL – Jamea Franco stars at Allen Ginsberg in this unique and original biopic of the man and the events surrounding the writing and reception of his seminal poem ‘Howl’. This film shot in various styles by documentary film makers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (The Times of Harvey Milk) and with a powerful performance by Franco is shaping up to be a powerful reflection of the immensity of it’s subject.

THERAPIST + BARRY ADAMSON IN CONVERSATION – Barry Adamson, bass player for legendary pink band Magazine and founding member of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds has been making his own music and making remarkable soundtracks for the like of Derek Jarman and David Lynch for the past two decades. Therapist is his debut feature as director, follows a Polish womean searching for her sister, but is her story a metaphor for another man’s emotion as he sits on a therapists couch? Barry Adamson will be in conversation after the screening.

BIUTIFUL – Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (Amores Perros, Babel) most recent film stars Javier Bardem as Uxbal a tormented man in the underworld of Barcelona. Focusing on his troubled family life and then unfolding into many other worldly issues, Biutiful will be another incredibly visual and evocative masterpiece from Inarritu, exploring complex themes with a profound understanding of character and place.

LA YUMA – The first film to be shot in Nicaragua for over twenty years, La Yuma has more than that milestone to be proud of. The films follows a woman escaping poverty to follow a career in boxing. La Yuma has been a surprise hit throughout Latin America as it is film with heart and strong personal story, yet also draws attention to a broad cross section of life in a country that is often neglected.

SOMEWHERE – Winner of Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival Soffia Coppola (Lost In Translation) takes a fresh look at the father – daughter relationship and ideas of fame and family. Starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning who propel the film with their remarkable chemistry.

SUBMARINE – Directorial debut for The IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade and based on Joe Dunthorne’s cult novel, Submarine is a funny, clever and original take ideas of adolescence and growing up. Following a fifteen year old boy trying to lose his virginity and save his parents marriage…hopefully not both at the same time. The film co-starts Cine-City Patron Paddy Considine and features new music and songs Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys.

This is just a sample of some of the more high profile films on show during the festival. But check the Cine-City website and programme for full details on a full rounded schedule of films and other visual media that might blow your mind or make you think a out something new or something old in a new way…enjoy the power of film in all its styles and never ending potential.