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Jumping Ships

Tuesday 02 November 2010
Words Spindle

Jumping Ships are a band fresh off the Brighton Indie scene, with an EP bursting with energy and passion.

From the EP’s opener, The Matterhorn, full of distortion that makes you feel like you’re at one of the bands gigs and gets you ready for a fast paced record, to the angry and passionate See You Next Tuesday with the more melodic parts showing a softer side to the band, Orientation is a truly varied debut that shows off the bands unique style while also drawing on their influences both from the UK and across the pond, such as At The Drive In and 100 Reasons.

However, the best song on the EP is without a doubt The Whole Truth. The shouting vocals of the intro continue throughout the song to form the chorus and main theme and really fuel the song. Combine this with the catchy guitar riff that really works throughout this song and you can see this record easily getting a lot of radio play, similar to a mixture of The Sunshine Underground and early Taking Back Sunday.

Although I haven’t seen them live, the tracks on Orientation are crowd movers with catchy guitar hooks that easily draw the listener in. All in all, this EP is definitely worth listening to and Jumping Ships are definitely a band to look out for this year.

Words by Olivia Sopel

Image by Ollie Hearsey