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Monday 21 February 2011
Words Spindle

As the designer Tamara Sariachvili coyly took her bow to a wondrous applause, it marked the completion of her first ever showing at London fashion week. Her luxury womenswear brand TOSHA has been growing strongly since graduating in 2009 from the fashion powerhouse Istituto Marangoni, adding to the list of successful graduates that includes both Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino.

In a short space of barely two years TOSHA has been embraced by Selfridges and Independent fashion boutique Woolf and Badger, showing the success of Tamara’s extraordinary skills in fine, intricate tailoring and creativity, with each garment handmade and inspired by a fascination with the Human Anatomy.

For A/W 2011/12, TOSHA showcased a stunning all black collection. Strong models with siren red lips displayed body conscious dresses in beautiful cashmere wool off set with heavy gold zips and what can only be described as three dimensional applications.

As silence made its way backstage, I met up with Tamara, to ask her about TOSHA, showing at LFW and what exactly was the influence behind the three dimensional applications:

Congratulations! How does it feel to be showcasing your designs at London Fashion Week?

Thank you, it has all happened so fast, it still hasn’t sunken in yet – it feels so surreal, I keep waking up in the night dreaming of my dresses!

What do you think keeps London at the forefront of new design talent?

London is so open to new talent. There is so much diversity, in Milan for example you know what you’re going to see, it’s predictable, where as in London you can see something like elegant like my collection and then see something completely eccentric.

Your collection was indeed elegant, what was the inspiration for AW 11/12?

Brains! It sounds disgusting I know. It started with photocopied images of brains and placing them onto the stand to create shapes and then moulding the shapes onto the fabric.

I was thinking of myself when I chose all Black. For a woman who opens her wardrobe and wants to wear something beautiful during winter, that can be simply put on with tights and be confident no matter what the weather.

Brains, that is incredible! Your collections do have a running theme of a fascination with the human anatomy, where did that stem from?

It just happened, (clicks fingers) it came to me two years ago, I have this really old book called Peep Show, you ‘peep’ into the anatomy of the human body, its gross,  has really detailed images of guts and the inside of the body. You can never finish looking at the anatomy because there is so much to explore in the body, I mean even looking at the veins, there is so much.

Is that we can expect from TOSHA next summer, veins?

Haha, I’m not telling you! I don’t even know myself yet.

Who is the TOSHA woman then?

Definitely confident, a woman who when you walk past in the street, you stop and want to look back.

You studied at the Istituto Marangoni, which gave us many well known names do you feel that has framed you designs at all?

Not at all, they gave you free reign and let you explore your talents. My final collection they let you go wild – very creative, putting in everything I had learnt.

Did you always desire to be in the fashion industry?

I always loved drawing, I use to take drawing classes, but I can remember from the age of 7 telling my Mother I wanted to be in fashion.

Your designs each season appear timeless and with every piece handmade. How do you feel the longevity and quality of TOSHA works against the ever increasing world of fast disposable fashion?

Places like Primark are huge now – people buy a t-shirt, wear it a few times then throw it away. They know in the back of their mind they are buying it because it’s so cheap, but there are still many people who appreciate quality and who are against the mainstream fashion. It’s all about finding the right client. Women will know when they have bought my designs that maybe only one or two other women in the world will have the same dress. It makes her feel unique and special.

What’s next for TOSHA?

It’s hard but I’m hoping to continue growing and showing my collections.

Finally Spindle Magazine is all about emerging talent, what piece of advice would you give future design talent out there?

If they shut the door in your face, keep knocking, but use your initiative because no one is going to come looking for you. Take advice, but always believe in your work, yeah just keep knocking at the door!