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Tuesday 05 April 2011

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We caught up with band of the moment Deadwax. With a stonking rock and roll sound reminding us of early Primal Scream, what’s not to love? Powerful guitars and booming bass craft sexy riffs while the vocals of Richard Power deliver strong and infectious melody. Their track ‘The Rider’ is available for free download to all Spindle lovers. Their debut Ep is also available through iTunes.

1) To those who don’t know, describe your sound

Our sound is drawn from the 60’s and early 90’s Britpop, but we put our own stamp on it. We have been compared to Supergrass, Oasis and The Stone Roses in the past, so I suppose we fit somewhere in that category.

2) How did you get together and form Deadwax.. we wanna know all about it?

Richard (Power) and I met at University, clicking pretty quickly over a mutual love of Fleetwood Mac. We were both looking to start a band and so we got together and started playing quite a bit around Leicester but moved back down to London with the intention of really making a go at it. We didn’t have a drummer at the time but I knew Tom was the perfect candidate. The stumbling block was that we hadn’t spoken for around eight years and had parted on bad terms. Finally though I got in contact with him, and by chance he had just left his old band, Brighton regulars the Drookit Dogs. He had a listen to our demo and ever since then he has been our engine. Richard (Lodge) is a recent addition to our line up. We had been a three-piece since the departure of our old guitarist, and while checking out Myspace we came across his band’s site and we really liked what he was doing. We invited him down to rehearsal and within the first two bars of ‘Indigo’ we knew he was going to be our lead guitarist.
3) What’s on the cards for Deadwax this Summer – any festival slots confirmed??

We have a few confirmed so far including The Great Escape but we are in the process of confirming for quite a few others – so watch this space. We are also hoping to put out a single at some point during the summer. We have some ideas that we are currently playing around with which sound really great so we’ll be going into the studio in the near future to record them.

4) What’s your favourite city to gig in?

We have played in quite a few cities and I thought nothing would compare to a Saturday night in Camden, however I was duly proved wrong recently and I must say Brighton is definitely my new favourite. We have played at both The Prince Albert and The Haunt and we have received a really warm reception both times. It seems to me that the people who go to gigs in Brighton are real music lovers and go for the music, rather than just the scene. I can’t wait until we come back for Hector’s House on the 8th of April.

5) Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Not really, just a few bevvies to loosen up really. I know one guy who wears lucky socks and another who gets psyched up by slapping himself, but we don’t do anything odd like that!!

6) What’s your favourite track on the EP to perform live and why?

My personal favourite would probably have to be ‘The Rider’. It’s got a great groove and it is always the final song of the set. It has become our signature tune and the one that gets everyone singing along. Throw in a few tempo changes and a great solo and you’re flying!

7)  What was it like working with the likes of Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey and Belle and Sebastian producer Phil Tyreman.. sounds pretty epic!

I could just reel off adjectives here, it was unbelievable. You grow up listening to albums like ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ and then end up working with him, it’s just surreal. He is a really down to earth guy and has given us some great advice which we’ll always remember. Working with Phil was also a privilege. His CV speaks for itself and he was able to get some great live takes from us.

8. When can we expect to hear the full album?

Well we are always writing and working with new tunes. Richard, our songwriter, is always coming in with great ideas. I wouldn’t want to put a date or a tag on it at this point, but we will be doing a lot of recording over the next six months – so I guess we will be assessing that avenue very soon but the main priority is expanding our fan base and getting our music heard by as many people as possible.