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Lana McDonagh: Paper Mosaics; Recycled art

Wednesday 13 April 2011
Words Spindle

As Spindle continues to pioneer creative talent, we are lucky enough to witness the emergence of new artists; this time we are proud to say the latest edition to New Art comes from our own Spindle team!

Lana McDonagh has many strings attached to her creative bow. Not only does she pen for Spindle but she is also model, songwriter and a secret budding artist who has recently showcased her work for the very first time.

Comprised of mixed media – collage and inks, her work resembles that of surrealist stained glass. The main focus of Lana’s work is that there is an emphasis on using recycled materials and reclaimed wood for a canvas. This current collection is a satirical take upon religion. Jesus next to logos of peace whilst dying in excruciating pain, Hare Krishna sitting contentedly next to the Buddhist Gods makes you question, do these spiritual leaders meet up on their days off? And is Jesus nailed to a cross any more of a commercial slogan than that of the word ‘peace’?

This work which is currently residing at the Mad Hatter’s cafe in Brighton has sold within two days, however fans of the work are able to contact Lana for commissioned pieces; her past work has included murals for family homes and a post modern take upon furniture, with nude women forming the structure of everyday objects.

The collection will be displayed until Thursday 21st April 2011 at Mad Hatters Cafe:

38 Montpelier Road Brighton, BN31AP  T:(01273) 722279

Or you can contact Lana directly: LanaMcDonagh@hotmail.co.uk / 07772167416