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Wednesday 13 April 2011
Words Spindle

The Royal Wedding is proving to be a bountiful muse for the purveyors of cheap tat and dodgy memorabilia. From fridge-freezers adorned with the faces of the happy couple to novelty condoms, there is seems to be no end to the Kate’n’Wills™ brand. However, these imminent nuptials are also proving to be a springboard for more creative endeavours. The most recent is the R.S.V.P.H.R.H show at the The Rag Factory off Brick Lane in London.

Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards, a London-based ad creative team, were the ones who started the project. They decided to ask their favourite visual artists to create an alternative invitation for the big day. At least 29 artists were involved. These weren’t just graphic designers either. Photographers, cake-makers, illustrators and artists were all present and accounted for. The one-off show took place on April 7th. All the works will now be printed off as large-scale digital prints and auctioned off, with the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the artist.

Andy Smith

As you would imagine from the variety of people buy viagra russia involved, the straightforward brief produced a wide range of results. Some artists have kept with the invitation format, such as Andy Smith. Others have used tapped into the wedding as a cultural event, producing invitations in the style of concert and film posters.

Of course not everyone stuck to the traditional paper format. There were more sculptural pieces produced, like Kyle Bean’s ‘tie-the-knot’ submission.

Timba Smits and Alison Carmichael

……… In addition to these celebratory, or playful (read ‘gentle piss-take’) invitations, there were a few which were slightly more sinister, such as ‘Wait & Kills’ by Vasectommy, ‘Kill’ by Craig Ward. Nick Meek’s punk rocker, on the other hand, kept up the anti-establishment aesthetic, as seen in Carrie Reichardt’s ‘Fuck Right Off’ mugs at her exhibition in Brighton.

While we can buy as many ceremonial mugs as we want, it is unlikely that we are going to get an actual invitation to the wedding. However, whatever the palace comes up with, I very much doubt they will be as interesting as these.