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Why Are Shoes Special?

Friday 01 April 2011
Words Spindle

There comes a time is every woman’s life, when everything seems to be closing in, too many errands to run and not enough time in the world to complete her to-do list.  One of the best cures for this, I find, is retail therapy. Not any retail therapy, but shoe retail therapy.

There are shoes for every occasion, every mood and every time-of-year which is probably why it is such a big decision when it comes to choosing the correct pair. With a large array of colours, materials, styles and heel heights there is no problem in finding the perfect pair for everyone. But this isn’t a decision that should be taken for granted. Choosing the wrong pair of shoes can completely kill an outfit and choosing the wrong height can cause some serious psychical damage.

I decided to ask one of the professional’s about what makes shoes so special. Lucie Powis who owns Rubyred Boutique in Lincoln said, “shoes are important to us as they play a huge part in the image we are aiming to portray that particular day and also help set the mood.”

Shoes have a long-time been the ultimate accessory for celebrities and people in the limelight. They also feature in some well-known stories; think Cinderella and her glass slipper or Dorothy and her ruby-red slippers.

Unlike clothes, you don’t need to be a certain size or shape to ‘pull them off’.

“High heels can make you look classy, feel sexy, boost your confidence and make you feel powerful, great for dumping that ex or entering that important business meeting (make you look and feel ready for business) whereas casual boots teamed with jeans can make you feel relaxed and ready to chill on your day off. They are a fashion statement and can say a lot about the person’s personality, they can boost your mood by adding a splash of colour and fun to an otherwise simple outfit, they can dress up or down the clothes you are wearing,” said Lucy.

Shoes are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe; from the days of tottering around the house in your mum’s shoes to that special pair you buy for the big job interview or even your wedding day, shoes are and will always remain a ‘girl’s best friend.’