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Christian Lacroix and The Tale of Sleeping Beauty

Thursday 19 May 2011
Words Spindle

By Camilla Morton, illustrated by Christian Lacroix

One thing that will never change about me is that I will never grow up and I shall never leave my fantasy fashion bubble. That is why this book is brilliant for all the people out there like me who still dream of fairy tales, but who crave and lust after that extra injection of fashion.

We all know the tale of Sleeping Beauty, the classic story of a beautiful girl struck comatose via a spinning needle, but what everyone doesn’t know is the life story of one of the most colourful and celebrated designers who can turn a spinning thread into a haute couture masterpiece.

Christian Lacroix recently met the demise of his eponymous label on a low point, trying to sell Avon perfume and Gola shoes with his name etched into banal designs in an attempt to save one of the most colourful French fashion houses. The problem lay in the translation of turning Monsieur Lacroix’s fantasy couture in to wearable everyday pieces; a desired quality in a world filled with easy care jerseys and elasticated waistbands.

This book however allows you to witness an intertwining tale of Lacroix and Sleeping Beauty, through rich illustrations each beautifully done by Lacroix himself, with no watered down jersey imitations. It is pure Haute Couture beauty in a book, from the tissue like paper it is wrapped in to seeing the world of two characters in innocent baroque beauty.

By no means is this a hearty novel to sit down with and challenge your brain, but it is pure fashion escapism at its best, and what is great is that further fashion fairy tales in collaboration with the author Camilla Morton are to come, from designers Diana von Furstenberg and Manolo Blahnik, to the amazing designer and sadly now pariah, John Galliano.

It is for everyone out there who still believes that dreams really do come true……