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BFW: Afton Ayache

Friday 03 June 2011

With models walking to music piping from St Martin’s church organ, to a backdrop interior of the Egyptian Pyramids, Afton Ayache’s collection was muddled and confusing.

Opening with a grey jersey hooded jacket with a black ra-ra skirt the collection seemed very safe with only the hand printed elements of the garments and the models clashing tights echoing the theme of ‘l’egyptienne des rues,’ translated as ‘the Egyptian women of the street.’

Segments of the collection were indeed beautiful, with carefully constructed woollen jackets, and delicate light dresses, printed however with what seemed more like Azetec or African prints rather than the hieroglyphic backdrop of the show.

To me the collection did not provoke the idea of an Egyptian woman on the streets, but rather an unstructured set of designs, with only printed tights holding the theme together.