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BFW: Jess Eaton

Monday 06 June 2011
Words Spindle

Road kill Couture

There is no one point to begin with to describe Jess Eaton’s collection for Brighton Fashion Week; it was a show unto its own.

Using a palette of fur and dead animals, all ethically sourced from butchers, roadsides and Eaton’s friends, the garments brought to question Eaton’s belief of a world that is not only being de-sensitised to death, but also the lack of care of what happens to the discarded carcasses of everyday items we take for granted.

Split into three defining sections of 40s Silhouettes, Punk and Eveningwear, the garments brought the whole audience to a standing ovation. Latex and Argyle was mixed with feathers and horse hair, whilst silk satin and Prince of Wales check were edged with wings and teamed with delicate bird skull necklaces. Particular extraordinary creations included hats made from shearling and Rams horns and a hood made entirely out of a foxes head, a cut throat take on Little Red Riding Hood.

It felt that Eaton managed to channel another form of ‘Road kill Couture’ in the manifestation of Isabella Blow as the collection in its entirety looked like a visual representation of her taste and love of clothing, of fur without question, of exotic beauty and natural extravagance. Bringing an applauding crowd to ponder, ‘just exactly what is wrong with wearing fur?’