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BFW: Red Mutha

Friday 03 June 2011
Words Spindle

Anyone in British fashion at one point or another will have come across Red Mutha. An iconic designer in Brighton circles, Red Mutha herself and her gang of merry designers create heavily patterned and appliqued designs to recycled clothing and material. This collection was no different. Entitled ‘Mutha Vuggaz,’ the look was something out of a nuclear apocalypse.

Torn Biker jackets and beaten up Dr Martens were matched with blazers emblazoned with apocalyptic Mickey Mouse logos and Military medals. One jacket in particular stood out in Bright Pink with images of every ‘gay icon’ safety-pinned onto the Barbie pink fabric. Everyone was there, from Dolly Parton to Boy George, echoing a nuclear savage pinning what images he could find to attach to his torn clothing.

The models walked with great aggression and sat on the end of the catwalk, trying to out stare the members of the press, and remained poised until the ring leaders of the Mutha models grabbed a heavily consumed shopper, killed him and dragged him off stage. Red Mutha met the corpse at the end of the catwalk shaking her head, suggesting buy my clothes, or die!