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Cats and Cats and Cats: Motherwhale

Monday 20 June 2011

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Cats and Cats and Cats newest effort Motherwhale creates an atmosphere similar to a childhood trip to the seaside. Bizarre instrumentation wrap the majority of songs in a sound which would suggest a type of wide eyed excitement found only in children not yet burdened with teenage woes. This band has managed to throw vast amounts of varying sound at each song, while still managing to steer it in one consistent direction. It’s something which keeps this album from being lost amongst so many others, in such a cluttered genre.

The atmospheric synthesizer outro and melancholy, acoustic breakdown on O’science are good examples of how the overall sound of the album is occasionally pushed into more interesting territory, showing signs that they can portray more than one type of emotion though their sound.

Still, I can’t see someone who wouldn’t usually enjoy the “Indie” genre taking anymore than a glancing view at this. As much as these guys experiment and change course throughout the album, it’s still not enough to offer something for someone who dislikes the genre. I often find myself in the middle of these two opinions, perhaps I’m too “half glass empty” to enjoy kooky albums about bubblegum?

It would still be unfair to label a band because of a loose connection to a certain genre; good music should always triumph over un-imaginative categorization. Motherwhale is a decent follow from their last L.P, which received warm reviews from both fans and critics. I have to hand it to them for persuading me to enjoy such an adventurously joyful album.