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Dans La Vie

Wednesday 20 July 2011
Words Spindle

When Laura Ashley went to a party in her iconic floral prints, she backed against her host’s wall only to notice that the wall, along with the furniture, was in the same print as the little number on her back. At that moment she realised she’d gone too far…to me I don’t think she went far enough.

Fine, the prints of Laura Ashley may be a bit dated and faded now, but imagine a brightly postmodern floral printed raincoat clashing with baroque imagery and pop art overlays. Then buy the shorts in the same fabric. Then buy the matching bag, sofa, and wallpaper and you have the brain child of Dans La Vie.

With its first collection entitled ‘Material Mode,’ Rira Sugawara, the Japanese designer behind Dans La Vie, decided with her background of print design, art history and a fetish for Pop, to create a series of ‘Mac’ styled raincoats, complete with a 1950s styled silhouette from an enhanced under layered tutu. To complete the look bowler bags and totes were created in clashing fabrics, or like me if you desire, in the same fabric. Rira has also set her passionately bright prints onto the world of interiors with chairs and wall prints.

It may sound all too much from this fresh Japanese talent, but that is exactly what she is – fresh. Not afraid to match the collars and the cuffs, the curtains with the drapes. So don’t be surprised if you see many a person wearing Dans La Vie head to toe in the future, or to find myself in the corner of Spindle HQ sitting on a baroque floral sofa with matching jacket, as Laura Ashley may have thought she had gone too far, but unlike Dans La Vie, she didn’t have the right print.