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Monday 22 August 2011
Words Spindle

With their first single ‘Turquoise’ having picked up a lot of blog loving in recent months and having only performed their debut live gig last week, there was something of a sense of anticipation from the crowd at Brighton’s Digital, as Binary took on the challenge of supporting the mighty CSS.

This four-piece post punk band, hailing from London, formed back in late 2010 by vocalist David Troster, after he left Yale University, where he was studying molecular biology.  It is in London that Troster met up with Francesco Bondi, with whom he began experimenting, before being joined by drummer Jake Sorbie and bassist Craig Lowe.

Kicking off the set with Dynamo, the crowd seemed locked in and mesmerised by Troster’s energy and passion, as he lurches back and forward. The basslines, spiky guitar rhythms and smart lyrics leave you feeling ever so slightly giddy… because you know what you are experiencing is something very very special.  Tapping into a British sound without sounding dated and making it their own is something that Binary does very well.

Each track would seem perfectly suitable being played in a massive arena, as their sound really does smack you ‘square between the eyes’… but in a good ‘explosive’ kinda way! Highlight track of the set for me was ‘Prisioner’, which is slightly down tempo and demonstrates Troster’s vocal abilities.

I think my love affair for Binary has just begun… and I would put money on the fact that after performances like that, they will be attracting a whole army of adoring and loyal fans.