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Future Cinema

Sunday 21 August 2011

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Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, have unveiled the lands of California  –  sea,  surf,  disappearance  and  naval  recruitment –  to  an  online audience via the immersive world created at www.welcometocalifornia.co.uk.

Enter the realm of your favourite cult classic 80s films – “The Lost Boys” (3rd September) and “Top Gun” (4th September) by joining the Frog Brothers and Captain Viper Metcalf for a mission like no other.

In partnership with California Tourism, Future Cinema has designed the website, “THE CALIFORNIA POST”, to fully engage the audience into one of two California worlds – an enrolment programme into the Best Naval Fighter Pilot in the world, “Top Gun”, and into the dark world of “The Lost Boys” where the Frog Brothers are competing with the Gangs to persuade the audience to join them. This dynamic website will serve as the central destination for all activity including ticketing, competitions and enrolment processes to proceed the epic live screenings on 3rd and 4th September in a secret London location – “California Classics.”

Fabien Riggall, Founder and Creative Director of Future Cinema  says: “We have created the California Post, a newspaper website where the narrative of the films will come to life. The audience will be able to connect with each other, become characters within the films as well as listen to our very own California Radio station.  We are very excited to have confirmed Guilty Pleasures play at the event bringing perfect 80s tunes to the proceedings.”

Online tools available for audiences to interact with at  www.welcometocaliforniaco.uk will include  the opportunity to enlist as one of the chosen few US Navy Top Guns – and join Maverick and Goose – by registering their pilot credentials on the Fighterstown website. Alternatively, audiences will engage on a separate page dedicated to joining the Frog Brothers for a chance mission to investigate strange unexpected disappearances. Or, better yet, join a local Santa Carla gang.  Audiences will further the California film experience by engaging with each film by creating characters from the films or establishing an alternate Facebook page profile for the event.

Sean Rowley, the mastermind behind the Guilty Pleasures club night, will feature as the headline and main music attraction for screenings of “The Lost Boys” and “Top Gun”. Guilty Pleasures will feature DJs, performers and dancers, all of who will transport our audiences to the magical and euphoric destination of surf, mystery and beyond. Welcome to California.

“It’s a complete honour to collaborate with the guys at Future Cinema and take part in two very special evenings of music and film – what a party it will be. The immersive audience experience we are creating will transport audiences to California inspired by surf rock and pop tunes of the 80s West Coast — I can’t wait to join forces and bring the California Classics to London. Let’s dance!,” says Sean Rowley.

In addition, the California Classics weekend will include a  Santa Carla “Battle of the Bands” competition where bands from all over will be given the chance to compete for a chance to play on the beach in front of an audience of 4,000 people per day.  Future Cinema is looking for bands to cover one track from each soundtrack, “The Lost Boys” and “Top Gun”  –  the  very  best cover will win the opportunity to play on the Beach Stage.

To enter the competition or for more information, please go to www.welcometocalifornia.co.uk. Future Cinema and California Tourism are joined by airline partner Air  New Zealand to present “California Classics”. In the words of Viper, ‘Gentlemen, this school is about combat, there are no points for second place.’  If you believe you have what it takes to join in, join now.

To enroll or purchase tickets, please visit: welcometocalifornia.co.uk