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Spindle Introducing: Ursa Minor

Friday 05 August 2011
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It’s been a busy first year for Ursa Minor (Little Bear). Taking their cues from the golden age of House, their alternative dance pop has already bagged them supporting slots with Alex Metrick and CocknBullKid. They may have only been around for a year or so, but they are creating a respectable buzz and we are proud to have them playing at Spindle Introducing…?

Ursa Minor is a constellation in the Northern sky, meaning ‘little bear’ in Latin. What significance does this name have for the band and why did you choose it?

Good astrological knowledge Spindle. I can’t take credit for the name, it came from my co-writer.  He’s an uber-physics geek who loves space and stuff. He suggested naming the band after the constellation instead of my nickname Little Bear so that I wouldn’t get confused with other Little artists knocking about the place.

The way it’s written, Ursa Minor (Little Bear), is the official scientific name for that collection of stars. There are all sorts of wonder-making associations that come along with being named after something as beautiful and complex as stars so we went with it.

Describe yourselves in three words.

Unassumingly after love.

You’re based in London; how has the British music scene influenced you as

a band?

Londoners are so spoilt by musical talent. It’s crazy how many ridiculously talented people are from the London music scene, let alone in Britain. I wouldn’t say that my influences are constrained to British music alone though. People have picked up on elements of British 80s synth pop because I Iove the Eurythmics and Human League, but we’ve also got references to Detroit and New York house. Others have asked if the vocals are Scandinavian..!

I’ve always been drawn to the honesty of female artists like Kate Bush, Bjork and Fever Ray. I’ve tried to make music that is me and I’m from over the place so the sound is a bit like that too. Luckily my co-writer steers me back to where we began which was to create music that makes people dance and love.

What is your recipe for a good time?

Good times are a state of mind. Have a good mind and you’ll have a good time. That’s my lyrical expertise shining right there.

If you could choose five words to describe your musical style, what would

they be?

Beauty of life in song.

You’re playing Spindle Introducing…? at 93 Feet East in London on August

11th. Can we expect any outrageous antics?

You can expect a lot of lycra. Girls in Lycra. Were a live dance act so expect to dance and it would be ideal if everyone let the wild out a bit too.

Who would be your ideal act to support?

The answer to this question changes on a daily basis. If I name someone

I’ll read this in a month’s time and wish I’d said someone else. So I’ll abstain.

Finally, what’s next for Ursa Minor?

We are releasing our first single, Droplet Affection, in early October. It’s got a super-cool video we shot in UV in Cable nightclub in South London in the dead of freezing winter. And the song is good so you should buy it when it comes out.

Get tickets to see Ursa Minor live here.