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The Lost Girls

Wednesday 03 August 2011
Words Spindle

If you find yourself lying awake at night thinking whatever happened to Alice in Wonderland, did she keep falling down that Rabbit Hole well into her middle ages? Did Dorothy from The Land of Oz ever get with the Tin Man or the Cowardly Lion? And I wonder whatever happened to that Wendy from Neverland, you think she got married?  Well every burning question can be met with each page turn in the graphic novel The Lost Girls by Alan Moore.

Moore has to be the greatest graphic novelist, writing The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, (Ignore the film) From Hell, and V for Vendetta, to name but a few.  The Lost Girls tears up the fable rule book, proving that Moore cannot produce anything but incredibly beautiful books.

With innocence stricken from our three protagonists, they find themselves together in an Austrian hotel on the cusp of the WWII outbreak.  Like us, these three girls have grown up, a process they have done all too early, as they guide us back into their stories to discover the realms of Neverland, Oz and Wonderland are filled with sexual awakening, lust and erotica. You may never look at Peter Pan the same way again, may double take at Alice’s ‘self-discovery’ through her looking glass and not be able to come to terms with the Mad Hatter as a hermaphrodite.

Yet Lost Girls is the definitive read for someone who values the incredible beauty found in a book, of art that challenges the notion of being fettered by convention and ultimately for all those, like me, who want to maintain being in Wonderland.

‘The Lost Girls’, Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie, Top Shelf Productions. ©