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Monday 12 September 2011

BABYMODO have unveiled their collection at PURE London. With their fusion of East and West they intend to take the world of glamour by storm, with Asian inspired prints on a Mediterranean silhouette.

Speaking to the designers Angel and Victor I got to hear about their fashion heritage along with the birth of what they hope to be a brand that someday will adorn Kate Middleton’s back…

Congratulations, you’ve just launched your brand at PURE London, How do you both feel?

Angel & Victor: We feel really proud and happy with our designs and fortunate at the same time to have had the opportunity to showcase our brand and received very positive feedback!

What’s behind the name BABYMODO?

Angel: When I think of baby, I think newborn, and Modo is a play on the word Mode/ Moda (fashion) and it also allows me to insert the 2 Zen circles into the name. I have always been fascinated with the Zen circle and how it is so simple and yet elegant. It symbolises ” Here and Now”, which I find is very important for us to realise in our daily lives. Thus, BABYMODO is birth of a new fashion brand.

What brought you both together to create BABYMODO?

Angel & Victor: Destiny we guess…we met through a mutual friend who knows we are both eagerly working towards starting a new brand in London and because we share a keen love for fashion and the powerful yet feminine prints of the orient, we decided to come together and turn our vision into reality.

What are your earliest fashion memories?

Angel: Doing a catwalk in my teens for a charity and thinking how fabulous the clothes made me feel!

Victor: My first fashion memories are of my granny embroidering and being a little boy surrounded by my mother’s threads, fringes and cutting patterns. Also I remember that the costumes of the Saturday matinee classic films at the cinema that made a very strong impact on me.

Do either of you remember the first garments you created?

Angel: I remember going to a work party in my early 20s and I couldn’t afford to buy a decent dress. And because I didn’t want to have a dress everyone had, I made out a drawing of a little black dress with massive collar and a zip that runs down from the side. I found a seamstress who made out the dress and I felt so special and unique that night with everyone looking at my dress… not sure what they thought but I was very pleased with myself!!

Victor: Yes of course, as a teenager I used to design and make some of my own clothes and later those of my close friends. I remember transforming my first communion outfit into something to wear for a music festival. But the first garment I made from scratch was a pair of turquoise flared trousers.

Part of the BABYMODO ethos is to stop a divide between East and West. What divide do you feel takes place between East and West in fashion?

Angel: I do not feel there is a barrier but rather a difference in cultures and lifestyle that gives birth to its conceptual designs and ideas.

Victor: I never thought that is a divide between both sides of the design world, only in case some kilometres could be the barrier. I think that we live in a globalised community (planet) and it comes down to an individual style. I think fashion hasn’t got barriers.

 What would you say were the key design features from each of your cultures?

 Angel: Because I come from Indian- Chinese descent, the key design in my cultures includes vibrant colours and beautiful fabrics, which are seen in both the Chinese designs (such as flowers, birds, dragons…etc.) and Indian sarees.

Victor:  In my case, the key features of my culture are the Mediterranean Sea, the graceful gastronomy and a unique art expression which could be translated into a bright colours, original shapes and natural balance.

Can you talk about the BABYMODO silhouettes? I am a huge fan of your circular coat and each piece seems to create a different shape on the body?

 Victor: I have tried to create a collection that incorporates silhouettes that will be flattering for all body shapes and sizes even on 10 weeks pregnant womans, with an emphasis on comfort and elegance. Each garment is individual but as a whole collection, they are very wearable and balanced. My aim is have a collection that every woman can find a look that makes her feel special and unique.

Your prints are inspired by watercolours and allowing paint to cast its own shape. Along with the Tsunagi chain design symbolising unity and the floral motifs it reminds me of futuristic Zandra Rhodes designs. Do any artists inspire your creations?

Angel: I am very inspired by many artists, namely; Dale Chihuly who is an American Artist who does exceptional glass art. His technique of blending the different colours in his glass sculpture is a genius and an absolute beauty. His “Ikebana” pieces are simply out of this world! Another is David Gerstein- who is an Israeli artist who creates spectacular metal sculptures that brings a room to life! Early artist include impressionist Claude Monet, early modernist Marc Chagall and Russian painter, Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky.

Victor: Thanks for the compliment; I think Zandra Rhodes is one of the most influential designers of the century of the British fashion.

Yes different artists inspire my creations from Dali to John Wattersgroing through Fellini, Wong Car Wai, Miro, Almodovar etc. I love art!

Who would you most like to see in BABYMODO?

Angel & Victor: Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Lily Cole, Pippa Middleton and Kristen Dunst.

 Rumour has it A/W 12/13 has already been designed, what can we expect from the next season?

Angel & Victor: We will keep the next season a surprise for now…the only things to tell you are that we will incorporate the use of more technology to create more cutting edge designs and looks!!

What’s next?

Next for us is to see women wearing BABYMODO walking down the streets in Spring Summer 2012! We would love to do a Men’s line in 2 years time.