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Insider at Fashion Week – Day 1

Sunday 25 September 2011

Illustrations by Phillip Dennis

As you can imagine the first day of Fashion week always seems to be the busiest. With the fashion elite jet lagged and tired from New York, the London crowd was still full of beans at the prospect of a new Season. Kicking me off the 6 month wagon was Paul Costelloe and his rather happy models. It’s actually a surprise when you see a model smile on the runway. Normally they look so sultry that you forget they have teeth.

As the day progressed, I was pretty honored to sit next to a major Fashion figure at Maria Grachvogel but I was more honored at seeing her footwear. Obviously Leopard trainers are in (not sure where I can get a pair though).

I also had the a close disaster moment when I had to cab it from an un-scheduled show to Sass and Bide and only just made in it time to then argue with security on where I could and not stand to take pictures. I swear the suits get worse each season and they are so safety conscious that if I sneezed I think I would get frisked. Let’s hope I can at least keep them at bay until I’m in the mood for some tall man handling.