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Jacob Kimmie

Wednesday 07 September 2011

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Kicking off our countdown to London Fashion Week, I spoke to Jakob Kimmie as he busily prepares for his S/S 2012 show. Along with hints of what to expect from the gothic, avant-garde designer, I found out his opinion on emerging talent and his love for a Gucci thong…


How are you feeling to be showing at London Fashion Week? 

 It’s very exciting and on a very personal level, it’s very humbling to feel that I have come so far.


What do think gives London Fashion Week its edge on the other fashion capitals?

 There’s an old saying that if you’re tired of London then you’re tired of life!


What is the name/inspiration behind your collection?

My collection is called Rhapsody. Its inspiration is at the tail end of the religious themes that I’ve been exploring. I realised recently that my collections till now has been about a muse that has undergone a transformational journey trying to meld into society. Rhapsody has brought her full circle now…it’s about a reformed way of dressing and thinking, a very reformed way of looking at opulence.


Describe the key features of your collection.

The key features are a new way of looking at baroque and rococo touches, gauzy ruffles and lots of “fly-away” touches.


What have you been listening to whilst spending what I can assume as many a night at the sewing machine?

 Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Rachmaninov’s Cello Sonata Op.19-3, Crystal Waters, Rah Band, Eartha Kitt, Cantaloube, Dennis Ferrer…

Who do you consider to be a fashion pioneer?

My mother and aunts – they could cut perfect circle skirts with blunt scissors.

Picture it, desert island. You can bring one CD, one book, a piece of artwork and your most treasured fashion possession! What would they be?

It would have to be something like a disco compilation. Anything by Salman Rushdie because even though I read it again and again, I can never figure out the story, a Picasso because it’s the closest to porn for me and my Gucci thong (luckily, it’s only a fantasy…)!

What has been your favourite moment in fashion?

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Indian Punk collection of Spring Summer 1994.

Who would you most like to see in your creations?

Ines Efron, Lina Leandersson and Rutina Wesley.

Finally, Spindle Magazine is all about emerging talent – what piece of advice would you give to the future design talent out there?

 Stop designing clothes based on rocks and tree bark!