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Lako Bukia

Thursday 15 September 2011

Georgian born Lako Bukia talks us through her maximalist work ethic, how she likes her Haribos and her tributes to Japan….

 How are you feeling to be showing at something as huge as London Fashion Week? 

I am thrilled to participate in London Fashion Week, it felt really amazing when I first got a place at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, it was something I would never think of.  I want my brand to keep growing in London and I want to take it to the next level. It is like stairs you have to climb and there are different levels before the top. I am maximalist and try to do everything to reach my goal, to challenge everything and learn more so that I am ready for something that is waiting for me on the top, which is not always something very easy.

When I was a child I loved playing video games and trying to reach the final. I would sit hours and days to complete my goal. So I think I am doing the same with my work trying to reach my goal and being part of the fashion week is one of the levels I have to achieve.

 What do you think gives London Fashion Week its edge on the other fashion Capitals?

I think London is best place to find new and innovative designers. It is very inspirational and different from other fashion weeks. It is more about new ideas, new talents. It is something early season you haven’t seen before, lot of award winner designers.

What is the name/inspiration behind your collection?

Lako Bukia SS12 is inspired by Asian culture, traditions and costumes. Mostly my inspiration was Chinese trees and red beautiful flowers, which I created my print fabrics from. All the prints are my own drawings. This part of the world was always my inspiration, my favourite writer is from Japan, my favourite designers are Japanese too. I had a chance this year to travel in China where I found this beautiful tree with red flowers, which became big part of my collection. Because of the tragic thing that happened in Japan and because my uncle died the same day as my fashion show I felt very dramatic and connected to Japan somehow. I think this collection really shows my emotions and I feel really sorry for people in Japan too.

Describe the key features of your collection?

The most key thing in this collection is printed chiffon fabric, which are taken from my paintings. Corsetry dresses, shorts and nice long shirts are the key pieces.

What have you been listening to whilst spending what I can assume as many a night at the sewing machine?

I usually listen to different things at different times, it depends what I want to get out of it. If I want to relax I listen to jazz, if I want to get more inspiration I listen to something new and inspirational. Because of my collection theme I was listening to Sakamoto Japanese musician a lot to get the mood.

…Whilst eating Haribos and a variety of sweets?

I love Haribo bears it is one of my favourite sweets. I love them cooled in the fridge, but usually while I am working I don’t remember to eat anything, just when I am done end of the day I eat something, maybe with a dessert. I love cheesecake!

Who do you consider to be your fashion pioneer?

Chanel will always be my Fashion Pioneer

Picture it, Desert Island. You can bring one CD, one book, a piece of artwork and your most treasured fashion possession! What would they be?

George Benson, MARK LEVY “OU ES-TU?” and Edgar Degas ‘Ballet Girl.’

What has been your favourite moment in Fashion?

A few years ago I attended Swarovsky Fashion rocks event in London. It is a charity event with all the best singers performing during the fashion shows. I saw mostly all the great designers with the best models. I think this was one of the most exciting fashion moments and of course my first personal fashion show in Georgia my home country.

Who would you most like to see in your creations?

The French actress Marion Cotillard.

Finally, Spindle Magazine is all about emerging talent, what piece of advice would you give to the future design talent out there?

To believe in themselves whatever happens and continue working hard.  To love their work and always be more critical with their work – this helps to do more and be better and better every time.