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Friday 16 September 2011
Words Spindle

Watching the Basso and Brooke show my brain could not stop imagining two things; one, Club Tropicana a la Wham, and two, the legend that is Elizabeth Taylor sipping cocktails by a blistering Miami poolside, complete with imaginary matching turban to Basso and Brookes almost grown up approach to Spring/Summer 2012.

The hallmarks of the duo were indeed present with super sharp prints, proving how a digitally printed collection is done well. Yet my mind just couldn’t leave this theme of Club Tropicana, or dread to think the Golden Girls as bright blood pinks, turquoise and primary colours were framed in a print of palm trees, sand dunes fish scales and sneaking in, the eye of a fluffy white Persian cat. Very Blanche Devereaux in east end London.

Despite my mind subjecting me to a whimsical of an 80s nightmare, the construction of the garments were extremely well done, by transforming the flat, almost playfully tasteless graphic prints in to deft drapes, creating almost a lattice effect or weaving on the body.

It was everything I expected from Basso and Brooke of turning fashion back into a finely constructed craft. I just wasn’t expecting the end result of flowing maxi dresses, loose fitting shifts and tunic shaped frocks with matching culottes to have Elizabeth Taylor as its ideal wearer.

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