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Sunday 18 September 2011

In the hallowed halls of the Freemasons took place one of the best shows at London Fashion Week.

With a pounding pop beat Rira Sugawara at her label Dans La Vie displayed a ‘tour de force’ of PVC coated prints. Baroque masters and cherubs waltzed amongst fresh florals and flock wallpaper. In typical Dans La Vie style the colours were bright and wonderfully garish picking up where Versace was afraid to go.

However the collection did have a darker edge, where in amongst the turquoise lipped models, 50’s silhouettes, daring minis and pool side pieces, were appliqu├ęd black crosses and ripped tulle blouses exposing the models breasts, drawing the show back to it’s original theme of the Tokyo earthquakes and it’s tragic aftermaths.
This was then brought home by the closing look which can only be described as a gothic spun Antoinette Lolita. A high coiffed head of widows weaves adorned the strong model in a sheer blouse and a violently wide skirt in this seasons plastic coated master-print.

Despite the slightly sober edge the strength of the collection shone through solidifying my belief that great things will happen to Dans La Vie who is most definite a one to watch.