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Saturday 17 September 2011
Words Spindle

Wondering through the exhibition space at London Fashion Week you can witness everything from busy bloggers to rain drenched writers queuing for a Blow dry at Toni and Guy, to the good, the bad and ugly hanging on the rails in Somerset House’s hallowed halls.

Doing more for a Fashion conscious head than any Toni and Guy blow back is Flora McLean at the amazing eponymous accessories company that is House of Flora.

In amongst the Perspex treasures of hexagonal sunglasses, earrings and mullet headpieces are what I feel are the houses key piece for S/S 2012, the newly formed visor dubbed the ‘HI-VIZNOBURKA .’ With the ingredients of plastic and an anger of what is the the ridiculously controversial ban on the Burqa and the covering of your face in Paris has left McLean creating a head piece so fantastic I felt like a fashion super hero placing it upon my head with just my eyes poking through the horizontal peep hole.

The entire collection Burqa and all is in a neon yellow hue, with accents of black and grey – another stance against Paris’s rule book of banning the riding of bicycles without armour of full Hi-visibility. Anyone not ready to become a House of Flora super hero, as crazy as I feel they may be, can still be a part of the Nicolas Sarkozy backlash with highlighter yellow hats in 50’s forms and shiny berets

I just pray Marc Jacobs doesn’t get a glimpse of the Mclean genius before Paris Fashion Week is upon us or we may well see history repeating itself with HI-VIZNOBURKA grunge at Louis Vuitton.