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Thursday 06 October 2011

Illustration by David Alonso

Let’s Buy Happiness are playing the next Spindle Introducing on October 13th at 93 Feet East, London. You can buy tickets HERE

Everyone’s new favourite band Let’s Buy Happiness, manage to combine beautifully tender, nordic sounding vocals together with delayed guitar soundscapes.  The subtle fraility of their sound manages to draw you in and hold your attention.

This barely legal five piece, hailing from Newcastle came together when 21 year old Sarah Hall was asked to front her little brother’s band.  Sarah joined alongside the others and together Let’s Buy Happiness began to distil their love of North American alt indie bands, creating a glacially cool and unique sound.

Playing an exclusive gig for us, on Thursday 13th October for SPINDLE:INTRODUCING at 93 Feet East

Your sound has been described by others as sounding like “an ecclesiastical soundscape with a poppy spin” – would you agree with this?
Haha well its sounds lovely, so I definitely wouldn’t mind being called that!

How are you guys?
We’re super dandy, lots of writing being done at the moment and the weather is LAVLEY

Sarah I understand you direct all the videos and design all the artwork for the band, where do you get your inspiration from?
I design all the artwork but only directed the video for six wolves, for our latest single the lovely Orestes Mitas was the director. My inspiration comes from anything and everything I have the magpie eyes all the time and look for anything engaging, like films, photography, landscapes, people, songs, science, lyrics, dreams anything that makes life seem a bit more colourful and unexpected. I especially like off beat beauty.

How did the band form… and when?
Ooo It was about 3 or 4 years ago now, James king and James hall we’re friends since before puberty, Graeme and Mark were friends, the two bromances met party and then my brother James invited me to practice and the rest is recent history

Your sound is very nordic and windswept but you  are from Newcastle -what’s the live music scene like up there?
It’s one we’re very proud to be part of, its such an eclectic mix and caters to an extremely loyal Northern audience!

What’s 2011 been like for you so far?
Well, we’ve had a lot of fun playing all over Britain, staying on friends floors after gigs, playing festivals and writing new stuff

What other bands are you into right now?
Chad VanGaalen, Real estate, warpaint, bon iver (probably a load more that I cant think of)

Any funny tour stories to share with us?
Apart from me (Sarah) being a super dictionary definition light weight and being sick all over Graeme (guitarist) nope nothing springs to mind…yeah im that girl.

If you could do any cover as a band, what would it be and why?
Rusted roots – send me on my way. because it reminds me of when I was about 8 got Matilda on VHS I was convinced  I could train myself telekinesis… that age when anything is still possible

What’s next for LBH?
We’re excitedly looking forward to supporting We Were Promised Jetpacks on four of their tour dates, then Lay Lines festival and Brainwash Feastival amongst other dates up and down our lovely island. We are also in the process of writing our album so watch this space!