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Fashion Graduate: Olivia Hanson

Wednesday 30 November 2011
Words Spindle

As Graduate Fashion Week and London Fashion Week has come to an end, Spindle will be speaking to the Designers who have taken time away from their sewing machines as they guide us through the anticipation of showing their collections and the relief as it is all over for another

To kick it all off we thought at Spindle to start by remembering that whilst fashion can be cut throat, dangerous and bitter sweet, it never the less can be playful. To demonstrate this, who better to speak to than the recent Westminster graduate Olivia Hanson, who love of inflatable toys and Pat Butcher has brought a smile on everyone who has been given a chance to see her extraordinary designs…

Congratulations Olivia on graduating how do you feel?
In limbo!

Tell us, what was the inspiration behind your final collection?
Air and the absence of air in inflatable’s.

Describe the key features of your collection?
The idea was to show an inflated and deflated version of the look at the same time. Most of the looks have a fabric deflated animal shape (taken from different inflatable toys that I found) and then the same pattern inflated in PVC on the outside.

What were you listening to whilst spending many a night at the sewing machine?
Celine Dion!

Amazing as we at Spindle are all secret Celine Dion fans! Who do you consider to be a real fashion pioneer?
Edie Beale. For me she is a pioneer of fashion because she never took it very seriously and sheplayed around and had fun with fashion and that’s the way it should be.

Have you completed any work experience or industry collaborations? How were they?
Yeah I’ve done a few placements my favourite was at Mulberry as I was there for a year and I really got to know everyone and they let me get really involved.

What is your most treasured fashion possession?
My leopard Mulberry Alexa Bag that I was given when I left Mulberry.

Favourite book?
I love Books but my favourite is a Martin Par Book. It’s the major retrospective of his that I have, which combines all of his different Series of work up until about 2000 I think.

I love his work because he photographs things and moments that would never usually be appreciated. Almost as if you were an alien you might think what the hell is that?! But we tend to take these things for granted. I just always feel like I’m looking through another pair of eyes!

Favourite Artist?
Tricky, but I have just come across Do Ho Suh and I am obsessed with the staircase that he has done which is in the Tate at the moment.

Your favourite moment in Fashion?
I had a lush pair of patient buckled up shoes, which had a key that turned in the sole and pictures came up when I was about 5/6. That was an extremely high point for me! does that count?

Who would you most like to see in your creations?
Pat Butcher!! As you might have noticed I try not to take myself too seriously and I think it would be quite funny. I had a lush image in my head of her on Albert Square in my octopus with some lovely earrings with it! -That probably says quite a lot about me!

Ahh! Patty B!!! Brilliant Answer, what’s not to love especially the earrings and hair!!  Do you have any words of wisdom that you could pass on to 1st or 2nd year students, leading up to their final collections?
Remember to have Fun.

Whats Next?
At the moment I am looking for a Job hopefully in Accessories and at some point with a little more experience. My friend and I are also going to start a label together, so watch this space!