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Flashguns – Passions Of A Different Kind

Thursday 24 November 2011

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There is one way to endear yourself to this particular reviewer and that is to adorn your album cover with the face of a Chocolate Labrador. Awww! Cute! Look at his hairy, slobbery face! The other way is to write a good record, which can be a little trickier.

Flashguns are essentially your bog standard 3 piece indie/rock band. Nowt wrong with that, so long as you’ve got the hits to get you on certain playlists and sell enough to make it through to the second album. Flashguns, rather disappointingly, just miss the mark, ending up in the vague, forgettable no-where league. ‘Sound Of The Forrest’ opens with a lot of energy but try and remember anything about the song afterwards and you will inevitably draw a blank. A lot of the songs feel like an exercise in standard song writing- there is nothing innovative about the way they play with dynamics or structure. All the songs seem to follow a very well trodden path, giving the listener nothing to really grab on to. This is disappointing because there are moments where a little more ambition could have created some truly beautiful songs. For example ‘The Beginning’ sounds like its going to become an anthem of epic Radiohead/Jeff Buckley proportions but then after the second half it becomes a repetitive, monotonous slog of, well, I can’t remember. The moment is lost.

The Cure is an obvious influence, especially on the title track, which shimmers along like a younger cousin of ‘In Between Days’, yet the record as a whole lacks Robert Smith’s inclination for quirky rhythms and structures. Changing the standard format of indie and rock is now a prerequisite if you want to make it as a guitar-based act. It seems Flashguns didn’t get the memo.