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Joey Page: One to Watch Comedian

Sunday 27 November 2011
Words Spindle

Are you bored of Michael fucking Mcintyre? Do you hate those T4 wankers who have yet to learn that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Are you dying to get your teeth into some fresh comedic talent? Well, crave no more, Spindle have scouted a rising star shooting around the indie comedy circuit – he’s eccentric, kooky, quirky and other synonyms of weird but most importantly he can make a 6ft alpha male giggle like a school girl.

Like Russell and Noel, Joey looks more like a lead singer of a band than a man of rapier wit; he is definitely a member of the ‘new breed’ of rock’n’roll comedian who looks more Doherty than Doherty.  His performances consist of nonsensical streams of consciousness rather than flat-pack jokes which means audiences can gain great insight into his brain box, which is derailed to say the least.

On a one man mission to make stand up ‘less boring’ and having watched Reeves and Mortimer as a child, Joey’s humour is suitably mischievous and surrealist. His material is comprised of ‘flights of fancy’ and flits from one notion of excitement to the next…rather like a child who has eaten too many blue Smarties.

As well as just finishing a month long run at Edinburgh Festival he is currently working on an extras DVD for fellow oddity Noel Fielding’s new TV show which he describes as ‘absolutely berserk’ and will shortly be featuring on BBC online, so eyes – stay peeled!