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Support your local talent: Danny Hogan

Tuesday 01 November 2011
Words Spindle


Published by Pulp Press  £5

Pulp Fiction: fiction dealing with lurid or sensational subjects, often printed onrough, low-quality paper manufactured from wood pulp.

For those Tarantino nerds out there, I am going to make your day and introduce you to author of titillating trash Danny Hogan. If you like tits, tits in tassels, and women with tits in tassels that can handle themselves (and by handle themselves I mean kill you with a stiletto heel) then this book could possibly be your wet dream come true. We caught up with the author to talk girl power and neo-pulp fiction…

What attracts you to Neo-Pulp Fiction?
The trashy, base instincts, needs and desires inside us all are never more beautifully illustrated than in the pages of a pulp novel.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Killer Tease’?
I was given two weeks to right a novella with nothing to go on. I simply combined my love of burlesque, everything retro and revenge stories with my fascination for strong female characters and there you go. Two weeks later Killer Tease was at the printers.

This book screams ‘girl power’, are you a feminist?
I am definitely for women’s rights, I have no problem with respecting women and working with, and for them, if I am working for anyone. I don’t know if this makes me a feminist. I do a lot of work with feminist groups such as For Books’ Sake and The Fat Quarter. I am bringing out an anthology of female pulp fiction writers in late November.

‘Killer Tease’ is set in Brighton and mentions many local establishments – are these your local haunts?
Oh yeah, this is one hell of a city and there are a lot of great places to go. Drink at Chequers!

What influences you as a writer?

Tell us a bit about Pulp Press?
The idea of bringing back pulp fiction came to me at the London Book Fair in 2008. Literature seemed to be losing its appeal severely. I reckoned it was down to the fact that a lot of fiction cheap natural viagra coming out was trying too hard to be clever and too much effort for most people to enjoy reading. I thought of bringing back real disposable stories in the form of books, that were just set out to be short and entertaining would perhaps re-kindle peoples love of reading and get them back in the habit of looking at books as a viable way of being entertained. The trashy pulp fiction novels of the 50s which appealed to the base instincts in us was the perfect model for my idea.

Who do you advise Spindle readers to watch out for? (Music/ Art/ Literature/ Fashion)
Music: For the love of Christ, check out Agnostic Front’s new album My Life My Way, they have recaptured their old school sound and it’s all I am listening to on Spotify at the moment.

Art: I see some prints that Alex Young and Scott move are putting out at http://rocketsurgery.bigcartel.com/ are the real deal and need to be on your toilet wall, like right now.

Literature: Keep a look out for new books coming out by the likes of Heath Lowrence, Tony Black, Paul D. Brazill, Cathi Unsworth, Icy Sedgwick, Gerard Brennan and UV Ray.

Fashion? Holy crap, don’t think I can tell Spindle readers anything about fashion other than women should get more into tea length 50s style dresses and blokes should shave more and sort their hair out.

What’s next for Danny Hogan?
Got two new books coming out next year; an Eloise Murphy chestnut, and a continuation of the Jailbait Justice series.  And then maybe fame and fortune so that I can go and buy that ranch in Texas I am hankering for.  This new video trailer based on killer Tease done with Create is going to blow minds. Do check it out.

Check out the new Pulp Press and For Book Sake collaboration anthology of new women pulp fiction writers Short Stack – coming soon.