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Viktor and Rolf: Fairy Tales

Friday 18 November 2011

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Words Spindle

‘I float and I fly,
Flap my wings in the sky,
Ride the breeze for hours,
And sing to the flowers.
Ah, my season in the sun,
So much freedom, so much fun…’

For anyone who has read my previous book reviews (and may I suggest you do!), you will have noticed a running theme of fashion and fairy tales. Of the imaginative far away worlds and the even greater visionary designers who create clothing that transport you to another place and another time.  Well now the avant-garde Dutch design duo Viktor and Rolf have fitted the world out, alas not with a gown fit for a distorted ball but with a compilation of fairy tales that illustrate their own beautiful world.

To the wary reader taking a designer and giving him a pen is much like giving the Brothers Grimm a sewing machine, or more aptly giving Charles Perrault a Spinning Wheel and expecting a fine garment to appear. It is indeed blurring the lines of the designer as the celebrity, in the wonderful cold hard biosphere of reality where the likes of Katie Price reign supreme.  But this collection of fairy tales is no Katie Price’s, ‘Mermaids and Pirates,’ children’s novel, a novel which even with an innocent sounding name gets turned into a sordid sounding hen party with the mere stamp of her initials.

No Viktor and Rolf who are widely recognised and respected for their synthesis of fashion and art have created a book so beautifully surreal that it mirrors the same vision that is forged into their gilded fashion house.

Originally titled ‘Sprookjes’ and written in Dutch, Fairy Tales marks the first time ‘Sprookies’ has been adapted into English. It includes tales such as ‘Candyfloss’, the girl who gets bullied for her fluffy pink locks, The story of the two lonely moons and even a fairy tale surrounding their signature perfume Flowerbomb. Complete with beautiful illustrations it is perfect for those with an overactive imagination or an accompaniment for those with a fetish for avant-garde style.

‘….I fall and I fly,
even as I die.
I’m happy to say,
I loved every day,
of my season in the sun.
And now my song is done.’ (The Butterfly in the Wind)