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Spindle Christmas Special: Favourite festive reads 2011

Monday 19 December 2011
Words Spindle

Whether you are gift hunting or in search of a literary companion for when you are snuggled by the fire with a hot toddy, Spindle has compiled a Christmas list of favourite festive reads that will fill you with warmth, nostalgia and merriment…

Lana McDonagh (Spindle Writer)

‘Great Expectations’ Charles Dickens

‘A classic that everybody will love – why not give it a read before the BBC adaption starts on the 27th December!’

‘The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm’ Brothers Grimm

‘These wondrous stories which are always complimented by the hand of an illustrator, accompanied many of us through our childhood, let us regress this Christmas and rediscover the magic in which we once whole heartedly believed…’

‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ C.S Lewis

‘We can all visit Narnia; you just need to find the right door…’

Hugo Harris (Spindle Writer)

‘The Jolly Postman’ Janet Ahlberg

‘Throughout my childhood, every Christmas I would read the Jolly Postman. Until the magic of the Yuletide season faded, with the realisation that the Jolly Postman is probably delivering Amazon boxes and debt letters from a Christmas catalogue group, I believed each of the letters he delivered was filled with magic and wonder, and sent with love and joy. Perhaps the fact I could open each letter made it incredible too, as if the letter to the teddy bear was actually for me! I would recommend every child young and old to read this, to recapture the Christmas Spirit and also to maybe re-kindle your love with your postman…’


Zowee Smith (Blogger/Artist: www.zoweesmith.com)

‘The Christmas Mystery’ Jostein Gaardner

 ‘Beautiful, magical, a quietly spiritual mover – as Christmas was meant to be…’



Carl Dutton (Book fiend)

‘The Book Thief’ Markus Zusak


‘A tragic story from WW2 in Munich. Reading this makes you realise that family…..no matter what form it comes in, is the most important thing’


Ruth Collett (Musician)

‘Christmas Present’ Harvey Slumfenburger


‘It is a book for children but I love it and reread it every Christmas eve’


Veronika Neroj (Student)

‘Rebecca’ Daphne Du Maurier


‘A book of 380 pages which you will read in what seems like a second. It is an absolutely gripping English romance, filled with bone chilling characters and nostalgic images of the English coast…’


Mark Rainford

‘The Little Match Girl’ Hans Christian Andersen


‘My Grandma used to read me this…and I would cry’


Amy Maskell (Fashion and Dress History student)

‘The Great Gatsby’ F.Scott Fitzgerald

‘It is one of the greatest reads of our time; not only due to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inspired writing style, but because it is an apt commentary on the fall of modern society’