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Monday 09 January 2012

When I found out that I had gotten on to an international master class in Los Angeles with Bernard Hiller, who has worked with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio I was so excited I could have peed my pants! When I found out in the same week that my best friend was getting married this year, I was over the moon. When I sat down and thought about how on earth I was going to pay for it all I was like a dear in headlights!

You see, I have a problem. An addiction really. I am a real life shopaholic! You laugh but its true! Whilst at Uni I spent approximately 80% of my student loan on the perfect student wardrobe. When I shop its like a fix! I get all excited with the thrill of the purchase, My skin starts to tingle and I feel giddy! I love my new top/bag/dress for the next week before I’m bored again! The craving starts and I need another fix! I’ve already planned the ‘key’ items I want to nab for the travel ensemble that is going to show the Americans how us Brits do it!

So on Christmas eve when I was on route home for the holidays an Idea came to me (well actually I am stealing it from an article I read in Company magazine!) What if, for a whole year I put myself on a shopping detox! No spending on any new clothes/accessories/shoes for 365 days. I will make do with the very extensive wardrobe I already have, and when I want something new, I can borrow, and ask for hand me downs from male and female acquaintances alike! Then, when I am really bored of certain Items, I will host clothes swapping parties.

But I needed rules, like allowing myself to buy anything that is a necessity – underwear, socks etc. I also know how easy I will cave, the itch to start spending for LA has been causing a nuisance, so I needed something more than LA/Wedding to keep me in check!  I will partition to loved ones to sponsor me for a charity (which I have not chosen yet, feel free to make suggestions to cocoswag@mail.com) and maybe that will spur me on to the finish line!

Its been a week so far and I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted to give in and do a sneaky on an hourly basis! No one would need know and with the internet, I don’t even need to leave my house! Bliss! But writing about it helps, and telling people what I am doing and having their support is at the top of my ‘inspiration’ list! And so far TWO of my friends have cleared out their ‘want me not’s’ for me! That was fun!

I hope that this year will help me be more creative with my style. Vivien Leigh was one of the most elegantly stylish women of her time and for the first few years of being in the spotlight, her and her then lover (Laurence Olivier) were paupers!

I will post my outfit up each day (at www.cocoswag.blogspot.com Check out this weeks) with descriptions of how old an item is, who or where I got it from, and what type of look/mood I was in that helped me create the outfit!

Its a major task. Let’s see if I am up to the challenge!