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Mausi – Sol

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Let’s be honest here, January ISN’T an enjoyable time of the year. Unless you were raised in Siberia or just have a fetish for all things cold and dismal, chances are most of us are going to enter the New Year feeling pretty downcast, wishing we were somewhere warmer and wishing we weren’t hindered by said weather which is as oppressive as a fascist’s regime to a war-torn third world country. All this means is that you’re going to need some lightening up, so forget your ‘winter blues’ anti-dotes (which won’t work), because I know what will really shake off that stringent bout of SAD.

Hailing from the mean streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne, I bring you Mausi, who, despite their rather dubious-sounding name, exist to prove all us cynical creatures out there that warm weather and summertime highs aren’t such a far-off notion as we all seem to believe. This budding young dance pop quartet formed after having met at university (two members, brother and sister, originate from Milan, the remaining two are from Lincoln and Cheshire) and, after having discovered their mutual ambition for music, seem to have produced everything off their own incentive, which, if anything, must mean that this hip, young, new (three cliches for the price of one!) four-piece embody a real sense of ambition and where they intend to go with their work.

The majority of the group’s production and recording was produced by themselves, the band’s focal point being their single ‘Sol’, the video of which was released online in August. Listening to the song made me so nostalgic for the summer; imbued with persistent, jaunty rhythms, playful, up-tempo instrumental work and interspersed with jubilant vocals which echo and coo throughout with youthful energy. It’s uplifting stuff, but it’s early days still for the band so we’ll just have to see how the year pans out for our wistful young Geordie-group. The fact that I’m praising their work screams that I’m yearning for the summer, which is the essential being of their single. Does this mean that during the summer I’ll be getting all dreamy over snowmen and Christmas carols though?