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Minx and the Beast

Friday 20 January 2012
Words Spindle

DAY 19 in the big brother house! I think NOT! Aside from being a cancer on the face of British TV that has spread, as cancers do, across the globe and sprouted other reality style tumours in its wake! It is, I am ashamed to say, almost how I feel in this mammoth task I have set myself!

At the moment the hardest part of my challenge has been blogging everyday, as I originally boasted I would do, When you get up at 5:60am and try to coherently put together a winning outfit and remember to photo yourself, it creates its own casualties (this morning I put a top on a la back to front! But its ok I totally worked it!) As for the hunger for shopping, I am happy to report that it is at the moment a dormant grumble in the depths of my soul. I do however know that this will not always be the case. Even now the beast that is my grotesque habit is quietly sleeping due to being sated by the wondrous gifts that came in the form of a dozen bin liners like gifts from a stalk!  By stalk I mean the beautiful catwalk model who has been masquerading as a mere mortal whilst humouring my mere self and being my friend, lavishing me with her fashion left over’s. I am waiting for the day some agency swoops her off to far away mystic lands!

I also decided to not buy any magazines this year. Not only will this help pass the money baton in this relay race, but it also helps keep the stirrings at bay. Surely with these measures in place I can protect myself from falling? Fat chance! I forgot to take in to account waiting rooms at hospitals!! You know if this were a few years ago when the threat of MRSA let to hospitals and doctors surgery’s alike to shun all magazines, then I would have been fine! Fast forward to the present and you’ve got me waiting to have my hand taken out of plaster (long story that involves my birthday, a Jewish guy and a poorly executed dance move) and beaming at me from across the room is a April 2011 copy of INSTYLE magazine with Gwyneth ruddy Paltrow on the front cover looking all fabulous and Celeb like! I once left a shop assistant baffled and my friend in hysterics when she asked if I wanted to purchase their in-shop magazine for a pound by calmly responding ‘No thank you, Magazines make me depressed” And its true! They do! They show me all the wonderful things I could have if I was an heiress – or the proud owner of a wad of credit cards! And this! Was no exception! It reminded me of a very important staple item I am lacking! The one thing that would transform any outfit and myself in to a Hollywood movie star Minx from times gone by! I am of course referring to the humble Mac! So simple, so ageless, so not something I will have for the next year at least! And know the beast is stirring!

On a happy note, my vow of shopping celibacy has inspired my friend Max to join me in my crusade! Check out his first post at cocoswag.blogspot.com.

Lets see if I can make the month marker! Hmmmmm