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Towns – Gone are the days

Monday 09 January 2012
Words Spindle

Find your favourite stitch, lace up your classic wheels, one final check from the Fairy Godmother and you’re ready for more memories to come from the social night chaos that lies ahead, a possible chaos that is so far removed from Towns debut offering Gone are the days, yet still inked with the perfect symmetry of any debauchery the night may bring.

Straight to the jugular as the bass, guitar effects and drums jostle with each other as if queuing for the latest pair of Air Jordans in a small town state outside Los Angeles. Gone are the days gives us a fired up Stone Roses with the balls of Kasabian on heat.

This is a stadium Rock and Roll song. Fuck it: this is a stadium Rock and Roll band in waiting. If Towns are not rocket propelled to festival stardom with the near future then we should all just petition for Top of the Pops to come back and insist of anything that features on Simon Cowell’s yearly brussel sprout (please excuse if you have a penchant for brussel sprouts) should be given a headline slot at Glastonbury.

If the aforementioned happens, we should all die now in a national census-like cull and be done with it – at least we would die happy.

From a running start , frantically squeezing you for the best part of an commercial break with boa constrictor qualities, this high tempo, high adrenaline tune from Towns will leave you with a hangover of epic proportions , giving you just enough of a headache to realise of amazing the last four minutes have been .


Welcome to your band of 2012.


Words: Ross Emeric