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Anchorsong Preview

Tuesday 14 February 2012
Words Spindle

On March 22nd Cargo, Shoreditch is set to stage a monumental one man show (bar the possibility of a brief cameo from his touring string quartet).  Like Koko, Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Roundhouse before them, Cargo plays host to the unique genius of Masaaki Yoshinda, now affectionately known as Anchorsong.

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan and now resident Big Smoker, Yoshinda’s eclectic mix of hip hop beats, jazz melodies, base lines that would scare the shit out of Rafael Nadal – all from the MPC2500 Sampler- will leave your mind in a spin better than a stormy teacup.

Beautiful, spooky, laid back, cool songs that unravel in front of you from the deft touch of this Tokyo master.  Music is always heard but spare a thought for the visually impaired for if the eyes are a window to the soul, we the audience get a bird’s eye view through the skylight of an epic performance and pray to the Gods of whoever that “Ghost Touch” is on the set list – this down right dirty hip hop techno track is sublime.

This is much more than a bloke playing his keyboard in an over the top bedroom club setting, this is an adventure  that will last longer than munching on a water biscuit after a 3 day bender.

With a DJ set from Throwing Snow on the same night, get ready for a smorgasbord of musical diversity, there’s no better way to spend a Thursday night. Best start the weekend early – sickie, anyone?