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Bernard Chandran

Monday 06 February 2012

Over the years Bernard Chandran (dubbed Malaysia’s Prince of Fashion) has had the consistent innate ability to bring continuous revolutions to his designs. Born in Kuala Lumpur the French trained couturier has managed to bridge the traditional lines of his rich cultural heritage to his contemporary creations, making his work fresh, distinctive and edgy and has attracting an impressive list of celebrated clients from members of the royal families in Malaysia to Tori Amos and Miss Lady Gaga herself.

Recently Spindle has had the pleasure of interviewing the stellar Bernard on his creative force in fashion, his opinions in pop culture and things we may not know about the ‘Prince of Fashion’…..

For people who may not know of Bernard Chandran, describe your aesthetic in three words. Innovation, cut and quality

Your work to me seems very much inspired by pop culture, with the colours, shapes and the celebrities that wear your clothing such as Lady Gaga giving you the ultimate pop cache. What are your views on pop and consumerist culture? Hailing from the East has given me an added advantage.  In fact, this has allowed me to combine the best of every world; my heritage hails from the exotic influence of mixed Indian-Chinese parentage. Juxtapose the richness of these two cultures with being raised in the Malaysia and having trained for a fashion degree in Paris and then establishing an international presence in London, all these allowed me to innovate and combine the eclectic with the practical, especially when it comes to interpreting cultures on the runway. Apart from my upbringing, I am inspired by my travels, pop cultures, music and all these have given me insights into my designs, designing for the women who are intellectual, artistic and ahead of her time.  My designs are not confined to celebrities or about them either.  I just what I do.  We make ourselves relevant and current.

Would  you then consider fashion an art form? Yes,  Wearable art

Can you remember the first garment you ever made? Yes, it was a shirt for men….I just refused to do a skirt…it was ego issue…

Tell us something not a lot of people know about you? I love sports, I have climbed Mount Kinabalu and participated in triathlon..

What’s your favourite fashion brand in your wardrobe? Or do you favour creating clothing for yourself? My favourite brand right now is Rick Owens

Could you see yourself adapting your designs for a menswear collection in the future? Definitely yes, we do have a small menswear line in Kuala Lumpur, which is more made-to-order.   We have amazing tailored jackets.

What are you listening to in the Chandran studio at the moment? Kanya West – Flashing Lights Instrumental

What are you working on at the moment? AW Collection 2012

How then do you see the mood for next winter? One word, Necessity.