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Wednesday 15 February 2012
Words Spindle

Eponymous, exceptional and expressive are but a few ‘e’, adjectival words that are synonymous with the Evmorfia label. Having sampled the delights’ of life as a McQueen intern, Evmorfia set on the journey to make her own mark on the luxury arena, much to her triumphs. Her inimitable artistic vision and incomparable elegance has put her on the promising track to become the next Sarah Burton


Summarize your signature style and current collections inspirations. I am very conscious of a women’s figure and I build on it. I love the combination of classy and sensual and I truly believe in the right balance. Every season I get inspired by little different things, I am bored easily so I am looking for new elements that are going intrigue me. In every collection I emphasize the expression of a women’s femininity, inwards outwards. This season wanted to explore the life of a geisha, their rituals and kimonos.

What attracted you to study in London? London is a very lively and interesting city in every aspect. You can get inspired in every corner. The combination of different cultures is unique over here and since I was young I wanted to live in a foreign country. London combines everything that a fashion designer needs to be inspired

Are you still very much inspired by the city? Any places, in particular? After 7 years here I’m in a position to say that London still surprises me positively every now and then. It’s always something new popping up, a very lively city that gives you energy back. My favourite secret spot is Hampstead Heath Park, where the Pergola is. The location looks like a set from a movie, both very romantic and nostalgic.

How was it to work under McQueen’s figurative reign? Being in one of the biggest fashion houses in the world was mesmerising! I was very excited to see how my biggest inspiration was working and how everything was taking place. I was very lucky to be there at the same time with him! It was almost like a religious experience.

What is it that you want to bring to womenswear? I want to leave something behind me, its very important for me to feel that I contributed in a way. I want to fill the wardrobes with special and beautiful garments for a woman to enjoy.

When designing, do you have a particular woman in mind? Not usually I find it limiting and distracting to have a particular person in my mind. What I have in my mind when designing for a woman is a complicated multitasking mission. Every woman is different with different personalities, feelings and lives so I want to discover them all and dress them

Who would you most like to see sporting an Evmorfia design? People who have energy, passion and they live their life at the fullest!

Your current speciality lies in the luxury brand arena, would you ever consider branching out into ready-to-wear collections? I do consider my collections as high ready to wear. I try to combine luxurious elements and materials to my collections with interesting techniques and contemporary design. I have been aware of the difficult times that the industry is going through with the crisis and that I have to simplify things but on the other hand I have to remain steady in my beliefs and true to my instincts about women’s wear and that is to create something special.

London Fashion Week AW12 is imminent, who are you most looking forward to seeing? I can’t wait for the whole thing . Among them are Marios Schwab, Antonio Berardi and Giles and I am really looking forward to see Stella McCartney’s special presentation!

What are you most excited about showcasing at LFW this season? Every year I’m getting more involved. It’s a great pleasure to present at Somerset house this season . its a whole great new experience

And beyond the crazy of fashion month, what are your plans? After all this hard work I need to get my batteries charged by travelling and visit a new exciting place and get ready for the next collection which I am full of ideas that I want to see getting a shape.