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Kate Havnevik – You

Tuesday 28 February 2012
Words Spindle

I went off on a bit of a rant last time around when I reviewed Kate Havnevik’s new single Mouth to Mouth, about Scandinavian Europeans and their talents. The song was OK but didn’t strike as anything massively exciting or even particularly fresh. Having been asked to write a review for the whole album, I can’t say much more than that again.

The Oslo born Kate Havnevik’s secpmd album, You, is a combination of old and new influences. As a singer-songwriter she seems to fall somewhere between the effeteness of Bjork and the jauntiness of Regina Spektor, although in reality the effect is pretty unconvincing. The album at some points leans towards, and at others drifts away, from the naturalness of her 2006 debut Melankton in search of a more contemporary and electronic sound, however this means it carries with it a kind of indecisiveness. Some buy viagra 200mg online songs, such as Show Me Love, become almost sickeningly bright and cheery beginning with a barrage of whistling and “doo de doo’s”, whilst others like Cast Away, reliant on thunderous drums and sweeping strings, are darker, moodier and more tempestuous. Opener Krakowska is simple, melodic and poppy, and I guess that’s where the appeal lies with the album: its simplicity. Drum machines, synthesizers and electronically produced sounds appear throughout but the songs lack any real consistency and seem to splash around. It will give existing fans something to sink their teeth into whilst, six years down the line it opens up to a younger, wider audience.

Like I mentioned last time her voice is great, and some of the songs are really quite effective, but as a whole body of work it just doesn’t really punch above its weight