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LFW: Leutton Postle

Tuesday 28 February 2012
Words Spindle

Luxury Knitwear Designers, Sam Postle and Jenny Leutton, showcased their skills for combining classic tailoring with creative vibrancy; oh my, what a gorgeous superfluity of colour! From Coral, to navy, to teal to pink to azure, mint and canary yellow, it was still sophisticated and subtle in the palette but had just the right hint of brights to get the wide-eyed audience effect. Using layering and a collage approach to combining mixed materials in a patchwork style of varying textures, it was a fascinating artistic delight to behold, especially considering the inclusion of glittering metallics, tinsel and sequins, unusual patterns and surrealist symbols, such as an eye crafted onto a dress or the peculiar Aztec style characters on jerseys which reminds one of ancient mystical tribes and cults. The whole presentation mirroring the garments themselves was done in a polished yet offbeat manner with models sporting volumised wispy manes, frosted blue lips and wearing sheer face obscuring masks in butterfly reminiscent shapes and with illustration style detailing.

These St Martins Graduates certainly make you rethink the trend credentials of knitwear as well as remind you that fashion is a form of wearable art.