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strangers – shine on you

Wednesday 22 February 2012
Words Spindle

Shine on You is the latest effort from the London based, dark-pop outfit STRANGERS. Sounding like the re-imagined, trendier grandson of Pink Floyd’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond, it leaves a bittersweet taste in the back of the throat.

They’ve really nailed the youthful, wild eyed excitement of falling in love under the setting sun of a vibrant capital city, backing it up and empowering the message with thick synthesizers and a pulsating bass line. But how many times can you hear heartfelt descriptions of ‘making it’ and how we ‘could have made it’ before it becomes somewhat of a cliché?

The song builds up and slows down and creates noteworthy momentum towards the last closing moments, erratic bleeps and futuristic strings swirl upwards and push the uplifting chorus to an inspiring sound. It’s a sensible choice as a first single; it grabs attention and screams a relatable narrative.

Beaming sunshine comes through strongly in the imagery and will un-doubtedly provide the soundtrack to the summer frolics of many beautiful, long haired teenagers. We look forward to seeing how STRANGERS apply their sound on their upcoming record, and hope that they don’t fall into the bottomless pit of unoriginality, which the pop genre inevitably contains.