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The Peppermint Beat Band

Friday 17 February 2012
Words Spindle

Image: Lionworks

Did you know that in 1675 Northampton was ravaged by a fire that nearly destroyed the entire town? And that today, Northampton is the third largest town in Britain without city status? With  beguiling facts like these, and all the wonders that Northampton can offer a young, up-and-coming band,  it must have been with a very heavy heart that 4/5’s of The Peppermint Beat Band emigrated to the south coast.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the move seems to have served them well. Completed by Swiss organ/keyboard player Oliver Weder, William Yates (vocals) and his brother Nick (guitar), Alec Nash (bass & sax) and Martyn Lillyman (drums), The Peppermint Beat Band have been performing together for the last two years since they all coincidently uprooted to Brighton at the same time. “Completely randomly, we all moved but we didn’t really know either of us were moving down, despite being friends for years.” Thankfully, Nick looks casually amused by this fact, rather than it being a scuppered attempt to leave his Northampton past behind.


The band are planning the imminent release of  their rather lovely new EP The Cold Room Sessions. Don’t let the title fool you though, their music has all the sunshine vibes you’ll need to last until the end of the summer with their ripe pickings of psychedelic, blues and folk-rock. Ask them whether this sunny disposition is a deliberate decision and it seems they aren’t too keen to become known as the marching band for all things fluffy and happy any time soon. “Sometimes Will comes up with a melody or chord pattern and he’ll ask, ‘Is that too sad?’ But it generally just happens to be more upbeat and happy.”


Oliver, Nick and Martyn certainly seemed positive about all things Peppermint when I caught up with them. Amongst other festivals they’ll be playing this summer, they’re heading back to Eden Festival, which the very mention of draws beaming smiles to their faces. “We played Eden last year on the main stage and that was the first time we’ve played on that kind of stage,” says Nick. “It was amazing, we had a really good time. It was pretty early in the day, but we’d had a good night before (laughs). We’re hoping to do more festivals, the more the better!”


As for the future, it seems the pressure is off, and they are willing to play the long game. “We’re getting better and better. Songs happen quicker and we’ve found our own sound. We’ve only been together two years now, so its only the beginning.” It’s that very optimism and dedication to their craft that will hopefully see the Peppermint boys shine for some time to come.