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A la Disposition: Into The Gathering Dusk

Thursday 01 March 2012

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Words Spindle

A La Disposition is an avant-garde design brand from New York and is the cohesive vision of Lynda and Daniel Kinne. With each collection having its own narrative and complex universe, every garment emits dramatic individuality showing strong artistic influences at the designs’ core.

Silhouette is also at the heart of A La Disposition design. Manipulation and experimentation through cut, shape, and weight of fabric create striking and expressive garments that not only consist of dramatic power, but eccentricity woven in with each thread.

The Utopian Aviary, Autumn/Winter 2012 collection “into the gathering dusk”, resurrects the fallen bird into its feminine fashion form. A statuesque silhouette is created with downy like ruffled shoulders on figure fitting jackets and structured dresses. Contrasting buttons mimic the beady eyes of an eagle studying its prey in the darkness; dazzling hues of ember brown, robin crest red, and iridescent greens capture the opulence of avian plumage. Like birds of a feather, A La Disposition sticks its love of dramatics and concept together.

Tactile details of shape and volume is not only a clear design feature, but a recurring theme in A La Disposition’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection Mechanical Failure. The pleats and layering of fabric create an elegant softness, making the rich satin colour palette understatedly feminine and Ready to Wear.

This seasons Autumn/Winter collection promises to continue the fantasy and childlike wonder of the A La Disposition concept universe. Macabre and dreamlike themes are on the horizon; with sketches portraying the flare of the Mad Hatter merged with Oliver Twists’ Artful Dodger, the tone is set for a thematic and theatrical show.