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Abi Wade

Wednesday 07 March 2012
Words Spindle

I caught up with the very talented and beautiful Abi Wade to find out what’s going on in her world, since the release of her debut EP, And Blood And Air.

How does it feel to have had someone actually set a label especially or you, that’s pretty cool right?  What’s the story there?
Ha,well me and Dan (Love Thy Neighbour and Esben And The Witch) met at BBC South when I was doing a live session there, last October. I remember there being some head nodding and a few words passed, but not much else. Then out of the blue he put me as his one to watch. We met up and became friends, so it was all quite gradual really so it’s hard to think of it like that. But yes, really great and flattering.

When did you start playing the cello?
I started playing in primary school. I think I could choose between a violin, a cello and maybe some wind instruments. Honestly I think I chose the biggest most impressive one I could at the time!

Tell us about the journey you went on to produce the EP, And Blood And Air? What’s your favourite track?
Well when I started the EP I was still testing the waters and doing little open mics around Brighton. A friend got a producer down to watch me play at The Fiddlers; he said he was interested in doing something and so we did. A lot of it was recorded twice as I tried to incorporate subtleties I was developing when playing them live. I think songs like stability hold the initial tentative nature of my first trials of Abi Wade, so I like that. But then I think maybe Hope has become my favourite as I love playing it live and drowning it in reverb. Someone said I looked like I was possessed when I play Hope.

What’s your plan for 2012?
Gigging and hopefully do a few a little further a field as well. I’m working on some different projects and it’s a toss between doing an album or another solo EP, but nothing concrete as such.

Do you have any collaborations in the pipeline?
I am currently working on an EP collaboration with Dan, which we are hoping to get done by September ish. It is all very new to me; I am not only playing to electronic beats but we are also developing a lot of it across the internet waves by sending each other different things to work on by email. It is definitely taking me out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying that and I think Dan is having to adapt to my song womanship style too, so yes I’m quite excited about how it all turns out.

Any plans to do anything with Esben and the Witch?
Well, not as such, no.

What other artists inspire you to make music?
My inspiration to write does not generally come from other artists per se, although there are many that I think are inspirational. I guess my bread and honey are Tom Yorke, Lykke Li, Joanna Newsom, Laura Marling, Arthur Russel, to name but a few. Then there is the rather young but inspirational King Krule and Other Lives, whom I was lucky enough to play with a couple of months back.

Who’s on your Ones to Watch list for 2012?
I guess I will be watching King Krule with interest and the very lovely, Jennifer Left.

What would be your dream gig?
I would like to play on Jools Holland. I’m honestly not quite sure why! I think it was something I was introduced to at a pinnacle age and it meant a lot to me then and still, I suppose.

When can we expect the album?
A tomorrow someday.