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Friday 30 March 2012
Words Spindle

When recession kicks in, you got to make a virtue of necessity.

Founded in 2009 by curators Lauren Jones and Alix Janta as a creative response to the general financial crisis, Art Barter promotes the exchange between artists and the public through shows where all artworks are up for trade for goods or services.

This depression-proof formula has proved a success with past international exhibitions including names such as Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Jason Dodge, Matt Collishaw and Gavin Turk.

Their latest show is on until the 7th of April at The Last Tuesday Society Gallery in Dalston and presents for the first time in the UK the work of artist Baptiste Ibar with his series Before Your Eyes (Busts).

The collaboration with Ibar is the result of a barter itself: in 2010 at the New York Barter show Alix and Lauren bid on one of the artist’s works offering to curate his first solo show in London – which is now reality.

Born in France in 1977 but raised in the United States since the age of seven, Baptiste started drawing very soon to overcome the isolation due to linguistic and environmental difficulties. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design he moved to Providence, where he joined the prolific underground artistic community of the city. He finally moved back to New York and in 2005 he renovated a barn in Connecticut where he still works nowadays, away from the buzz of the city.

Since 2004 he’s been collaborating with famous director Michel Gondry, and Ibar’s paintings are featured in his latest project The Science of Sleep.

Before Your Eyes (Busts) is a series of canvases and paper works – all available for sale and barter – that engages the viewer in a dialogue meditating about space as a physical, personal and psychological concept. All Baptiste’s artistic experience resonates in this body of work, his fascination with the primitive, his street art days and especially his inexhaustible search for an intimate exchange with his public.

Before Your Eyes (Busts) – Baptiste Ibar

The Last Tuesday Society Gallery

Every Saturday 11am – 8pm or by appointment