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Lovechilde – Tang/Tourniquet

Monday 19 March 2012

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London-based Lovechilde are preparing to release their double A-sided single this spring, and it’s fair to confirm that it’s a dark and intense affair. The single consists of two songs spliced together: Tang/Tourniquet, and it should probably be known that if you’re riveted by chilly, despondent music chained to gothic tones and shadowed by austere and depressing vocals, then Lovechilde’s new single possesses more of this than anyone could possibly wish for. The first half of the single demonstrates on their ominous and gloomy energies while the second half acts as a vehicle for their sonic experimentation, giving listeners something to cling on to when the frankly dismal and utterly miserable vocals aren’t enough to carry them through alone.

That said, the band have employed sonic energies skilfully enough through both songs. Tang opens with a pulsating beat and all engulfing sound before being augmented by creaking guitars and sorrowful vocals until the guitars reach an atmospheric stretch almost halfway through, probably the most memorable part in the song. Following that, the rest of the song gets pretty bloody pitiful and repetitive and if you’ve listened to the first minute and a half of the song you don’t really need to listen to the rest. The beginning of Tourniquet once again dabbles in the sonic sound and atmosphere, but the vocals are just too tuneless, overcast and generally lacking in contrast for this to be an enjoyable listen. It’s something I could only ever listen to in moderation; otherwise I think I’d end up dressing like Nosferatu and sneaking into farms to drain livestock of their blood. It’s a good enough effort from Lovechilde, but it’s a shame it reminds me of corpses and graveyards and all things bleak.