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Live review: Sleigh Bells

Wednesday 07 March 2012
Words Spindle

Packed like sardines at The Concorde, with a variety of ages waiting in anticipation for Brooklyn’s finest boy/girl duo, the crowd were warmed up and entertained by the lovely Charli XCX.  With bags of confidence and style, together with crazy dancing, air drumming, ravey arm movements…she certainly got the crowd nice and lively for the main performance of the night.

The screams reached new levels when Miller and Krauss walked on stage, surrounded by a stage full of Marshall amps.  There is clearly a lot of love in the room for Sleigh Bells. Alexis Krauss aka the ‘queen of fucking cool’, introduces the band and it wasn’t long until she had the crowd mesmerised by her every move.  They launched straight in with True Shred Guitar and the crowd is knocked sideways by their wall of sound. They make a glorious noise, the guitars sound LOUD and not weedy, proving that Miller’s days in hard-core band Poison, have clearly not been wasted.  The overall energy in the room is immense… as the fans go nuts, with even a rowdy mosh pit for good measure.

Sleigh Bells are known for their massive, exploding sound. It’s no surprise that they have been picked up by M.I.A.’s label, N.E.E.T and have used as inspiration for M.I.A’s new album. If you like them, then there’s no question that you’ll love them live. Of course, if you love them, it’s probably because of the raw pounding, slamming effects from their music, which is emphasised to the extent of your body wanting to move with arms flailing.

Touring their second album, it clearly seems that this could be their year. Their tracks a mash between hip hop beats and furious guitars; being both sexy and bold, they somehow manage to turn their sound into a kind of art form.  Alexis’ energy is truly on another level, she moves insanely around on stage like a possessed animal, in the colourful strobe lighting.

The duo walk off after blasting out Infinity, but there is a massivesense of relief, when they  come back again to perform an encore of three tracks starting with Rill Rill, allowing Alexis to demonstrate her naturally smooth sounding voice.  Reaching into the crowd, Alexis then decides the scale the short fence, held up by an army of male admirers sings the remainder of the track nestled amongst her fans.

Well I can honestly say I entered the gig as a kind of appreciator of their music and have left the venue as a massive full blown fan.  I think I will be hard pressed to find a gig this year that will quite match up to it.  Sleigh Bells I salute you