interview: Vasel

Linda Vasel is the luscious new name on the tip of fashions tongue. With an aesthetic that fuses female strength with theatrical androgynous drama and a hint of fragility, this designer is reinventing the modern woman in an exciting new way. Spindle caught up with Linda and got caught in her magical web of imagination.

The new collection Dote presents an attractive warfare of strength and fragility. “There’s a balance between the more solid shapes and the feminine lightness in my collection. Some of the boudoir pieces are really girly in the fabric sense, but I still think the powerful expression is there.” This alter ego vibe  is the fairytale attitude Vasel casts a spell onto her collection, encouraging the less fashion-confident audience to break the rules and add a quirk to their wardrobe. “I would love it if someone felt invited to express their personality by using my clothes in another way than the prevailing fashion rules require. I think fashion is about breaking boundaries, and anyone should free free to play with it as they like. Evil if I am drawn to classic cuts and elegant shapes, I really appreciate a good portion of ‘too much’ in an outfit.”
One of Britain’s dated fashion traps and shapeless sins is  office wear, where pinstripe trousers waterfall from the waist to make us look like a McDonalds advert undercover. But Vasel approaches business with a fierce and amazingly sharp twist. “Few things are more uninspiring than looking at ‘normal work-dressing’ on the tube. You don’t even need to change very much to look a little more interesting and personal. For me, one of the most important things is shape. An interesting collar or sharp cut sleeve can really make an outfit.” Androgyny can’t help but come out to play through this, and Vasel revels in the gender mash up.

The collection presents magical character names, including the sexual and strong ‘bullfighter’. “I thought that the bullfighter had all the ingredients of a mixed personality. Strong, bold, heroic, but also quite vain and whimsical. Even a bit ridiculous. The culture and aesthetics of the south of Spain painted a big impression on me. I experienced a sense of gender struggle, where Spanish women in general had a very fiery and colourful temper, and a pride in their femininity that I rarely experience in Sweden.”

Away from the Spanish flavour and backbone, the collection screams the London party scene, with looks guaranteed to grab the attention of the glossy club photographer. “I don’t think you want to wear my stuff if you are going for the silent mouse in the office cubicle look!”
With a new ‘VASEL-esque’ collection already being brought to life, expect more magic from the genie of androgyny this year…